Associate Prof. Institute of Creative Industries Design, College of Planning and Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Dr. Hsiao-Ling Chung completed her PhD in Creative Industries and MA in Creative and Media Enterprises at the Warwick University, UK. Apart from her academic pursuits, Hsiao-Ling also held managerial positions with academia and various corporate and cultural creative enterprises, ranging from global corporate brands, TV broadcaster, PR consultancy and research center to private museum, leading chain bookstore, and independent TV productions, and a lecturer with the National Taiwan University of Arts. Dr. Chung’s primary research interests lie in the development and network management of the creative talent and enterprises, and the CCI policies toward nurturing regional ecosystem. She has been devoting herself in championing crossing-boundary and crossing-sector collaborations through her roles as the PI in governments and corporate-funded research projects, such as ‘Examining the Network Relationship between Mainland China and Taiwan: The Perspective of Independent TV/Film Producers’, ‘Examining The CCI Policy Networks from The Perspective of the Six Municipal Cities in Taiwan’ , and the ‘Strategic Policy Planning for the CCI Transformation for Tainan City Government.’ She is currently looking into the development of the CCI brokering talent in the Asian-Pacific region. Her recent works are published in the International Journal of Cultural Policy, International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries, Routledge Handbook of Cultural and Creative Industries in Asia, and Cultural Policies in East Asia: Dynamics between the State, Arts and Creative Industries.

Hsiao-Ling Chung