CEO of CUMEDIAE, Culture and Media Agency Europe aisbl, Belgium

Mr. Guardans has twenty-five years of international professional experience combining work in the private and public sector, with a constant dedication to the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) from many different perspectives: legal practice (copyright, licensing); policy making and legislative action (13 years including active work as Member of the Culture Committee of the Spanish and European Parliament); Governmental responsibility in charge of  public funding (as DG in the Spanish Ministry of Culture); and solid external consulting experience and capacity building work (including with the EC), in projects across Europe, the South Mediterranean and the Middle East, as well as with the US and -more recently- China. It has resulted in a deep knowledge and understanding of those areas, its stakeholders, and its cultural, political and social realities. Beyond this Mr. Guardans has twenty five years of experience in work with and within the EU, its legal framework and its structures. This combined with his solid experience of interaction and collaboration with multilateral and regional international structures underlines a good understanding of their role with a direct or indirect impact in the field of CCIs.

Mr. Guardans has solid and proven capacity in communication, both oral (lectures, panels, all kind of public speaking) and written; both for dissemination and for training and educational purposes and solid and proven research capabilities. Beyond this he has extensive experience and proven understanding in the media: online as well as radio and TV. Not only (but also) regarding their internal structure and regulatory framework and strategic challenges, but also in their best use at the service of culture and the creative industries (being the funder of the largest private online platform for culture in Europe, and a respected social media influencer in Spanish language).