Senior Lecturer, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France

Cécile Doustaly is a senior lecturer in British Studies, a specialist in the comparative study of the cultural and political dynamics of contemporary societies in the AGORA Laboratory, where she coordinates the Heritage axis and the associated seminar, “Comparative Visions of Heritage”.

Her research questions the categories and public policies of culture (in particular France / England, Greater Paris / Greater London) based on an interdisciplinary approach to comparative cultural policies: links between creation, artification and heritagization; cultural diversity, participatory democracy and public space; urban heritage, tourism and development. It studies in particular the effects and practices associated with international standards, rankings and labels (UNESCO, EU, IOC): cities of culture, universal exhibitions, cultural and urban programs associated with major projects such as the Olympic Games.

She created in 2014 and is responsible for the international training courses Territories, Cultures and Heritage (M2 in English, Joint Masters School of Heritage, North West University, Xi’an, China). UFR LEI (Languages ​​and International Studies).